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The cheapest and top 8 home insurance in Texas

The cheapest and top 8 home insurance in Texas

The cheapest and top 8 home insurance in Texas


Are you looking for cheap and top quality home insurance? Texans have plenty of home insurance companies to choose from. Below are the insurers we found with average annual rates below the Texas average of $3,341.

Here you can know everything about insurances at affordable rates. As a result, we think it will be convenient for you to choose a insurance at an easy and affordable rate. 👇


Average annual rate





Texas Farm Bureau


State Farm






Armed Forces Insurance*




*Armed Forces Insurance and USAA generally serve the military community. Their policies are not available to all homeowners.

👉Chubb: Chubb homeowners insurance policies come with lots of extras. For example, they’ll cover water damage from backed-up sewers and drains, and pay to bring your home up to the latest building codes during reconstruction after a claim. (Many insurers charge more for these types of coverage.)


Chubb offers policyholders a free Home Scan service, which uses infrared technology to check your house for potential problems such as leaks or lack of insulation. Texas homeowners can also sign up for complimentary Wildfire Defense Services. These services include an assessment of your home’s risk and deployment of firefighters to your home if a wildfire is approaching.


High net worth homeowners will appreciate Chubb’s lofty coverage limits, including personal liability coverage up to $50 million.


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👉Mercury: Based in Los Angeles, Mercury not only is one of the cheapest homeowners insurers in Texas, on average, but it also offers several ways to save on your premium. You may be eligible for discounts for bundling your home and auto policies, living in a newer home or having a burglar alarm. However, the company receives more consumer complaints than expected for an insurer of its size, according to the NAIC.


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👉Texas Farm Bureau: If you prefer a local option, consider the Texas Farm Bureau, which has hundreds of agents around the state. You don’t need to be a farmer to get a policy, but you do need to become a member of the Texas Farm Bureau. (It may cost $35 to $50, depending on your county.) Discounts may be available for bundling policies, having an impact-resistant roof or installing a central alarm system. 

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👉State Farm: One of the biggest homeowners insurers in Texas, State Farm is worth considering for its financial strength and many coverage options. The company also offers policyholders a free Ting smart device. It monitors your home for electrical problems that could cause a fire or other damage. The Ting service includes up to $1,000 toward the cost of necessary repairs. 

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👉Farmers: Farmers policyholders in Texas can choose from three packages, depending on how much they want to spend and how much coverage they need. Discounts are available for nonsmokers, homeowners with multiple Farmers policies and those whose homes have protective devices like burglar alarms or sprinkler systems. 

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👉Guard: This company is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway (also the parent company of Geico). It sells policies for a variety of home types, including houses used for vacation rentals. You may be able to add coverage for identity theft, the breakdown of major appliances and damage to your home’s service lines. If you buy multiple Guard policies, you may be eligible for a bundling discount.


👉Armed Forces Insurance: As its name suggests, Armed Forces Insurance serves the military and their families. AFI is both an insurance company and an agency — which means it can issue you a policy or shop around for insurance from partner companies. You may be better off going with the latter option, as Armed Forces Insurance isn’t rated as highly by credit rating agency AM Best as many of its partners.

👉USAA: USAA serves the military community, including active members, veterans and their families. If you fall into one of these categories, you may want to give USAA home insurance policies a look.


Standard USAA homeowners policies include replacement cost coverage for your personal belongings. That means if your stuff is stolen or destroyed, the company will pay enough for you to buy brand-new replacements. (Many companies pay less for older, less valuable items.) USAA also covers military uniforms with no deductible for active or deployed members.


Beyond coverage, USAA generally keeps its policyholders happy. The company drew significantly fewer complaints to state regulators than expected for an insurer of its size, according to the NAIC.

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