Ex-boxer George Foreman sued by 2 women accusing him of sexual abuse


Ex-boxer George Foreman sued by 2 women accusing him of sexual abuse

Ex-boxer George Foreman sued by 2 women accusing him of sexual abuse

Two women have accused former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman of sexually abusing them when they were minors in the 1970s, according to lawsuits filed this week.


One of the girls is defined because the daughter of an adviser and supervisor to Foreman whilst the second one girl is the daughter of a boxer who educated with him, consistent with the files.

They are searching for a jury trial and damages in opposition to Foreman and everyone who can also be liable for the alleged abuses. Those extra events may be brought to the lawsuit as greater statistics turns into to be had withinside the case, the files say


Foreman, in a assertion Wednesday, denied the allegations.

"Over the beyond six months,  girls were looking to extort hundreds of thousands of bucks every from me and my family. They are falsely claiming that I sexually abused them over forty five years in the past withinside the Seventies.


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 I adamantly and categorically deny those allegations," he said.

"The pleasure I absorb my recognition manner as a great deal to me as my sports activities accomplishments, and I will now no longer be intimidated with the aid of using baseless threats and lies. I am, and constantly will be, guided with the aid of using my religion and believe in God. I will paintings with my legal professionals to completely and truly divulge my accusers' scheme and guard myself in court.


 I do not select out fights, however I do not run farfar from them either," Foreman brought.

The lawsuits, filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, do now no longer call Foreman, however offer figuring out details, consisting of that the alleged abuser is "a former expert heavy weight boxer who went expert in 1969" who changed into inducted into each the World Boxing Hall of Fame and the International Boxing Hall of Fame." The fits additionally say the defendant have become a global heavyweight champion in 1973 and sooner or later misplaced the identify to Muhammad Ali in 1974.


One of the alleged victims, mentioned withinside the match as Denise S., says she changed into groomed with the aid of using the boxer "at an early age" and accuses Foreman of appearing sexual acts with Denise S. whilst she changed into a minor, consistent with the lawsuit.

The 2d alleged victim, called Gwen H., alleges that after she changed into among 15 and sixteen years old, Foreman molested and sexually abused her after he "threatened that if she failed to comply, her dad might lose his job."


Foreman, a champion boxer and Olympic gold medalist, defended the coveted global heavyweight identify two times earlier than dropping it to Muhammad Ali withinside the 1974 "Rumble withinside the Jungle." He took an extended hiatus from competing on the give up of the Seventies earlier than resurrecting his profession all over again and once more turning into global heavyweight champion, earlier than eventually retiring in 1997.

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