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Best private health insurance companies in the UK

Best private health insurance companies in the UK

Health insurance is something that many people don’t think about until they need it. But suppose you are planning on living abroad or are already in another country. In that case, you should be aware of the topic of medical care and the health insurance companies available where you live.

List of the best private health insurance companies in UK


There are over 500 health insurance companies in the UK, but it pays to know your options before you make a decision. The names of some of the best health insurance companies among them are presented to you. Here you will find details about some of the best health insurance companies and their links.

1. BUPA                   

BUPA is one of the largest and best private healthcare insurance companies in the UK. It currently has over 31 million customers across numerous countries. BUPA By You offers custom-configured benefits packages that can be tailored specifically towards your needs.
BUPA works since 1947.


With 33 million customers globally, Aviva is the biggest insurance company in the UK. Aviva’s Healthier Solutions is a product that offers private medical treatment through an extensive nationwide network.
Aviva has worked for 20+ years.


In the 20th century, AXA PPP was formed to provide health insurance to well-off workers in central London. With over 80 years of experience and millions served worldwide, this provider is considered one of the best private health insurance companies specialising in providing quality UK medical care.
AXA PPP Healthcare was founded in 1938.

4. WPA   


WPA is a UK-based health care provider that specialises in providing private insurance for everyone, from individuals and families to small businesses. 

WPA was founded in 1907.

5. SAGA    

Saga’s plans are designed for those aged over 50. It has been providing quality health insurance, which can command a premium price from customers who appreciate the higher standard of service.

Saga has been working since 1951.

6. Vitality  


Along with diagnostics and treatments, Vitality provides healthy incentives and discounts with partnered brands such as half-price gym memberships and cashback on bicycle sportswear to help their customers stay fit.

Vitality has been in the market for 30 years. 

7. Freedom HealthInsurance   

Freedom Health Insurance has provided private medical insurance for the UK and overseas customers via its many policy options.

The insurance company was founded in 2003.

The insurance provider has received an ‘Average’ rating and 3.2 stars on Trustpilot from 237 customers.

8. The Exeter      

The Exeter
Founded as Exeter Family Friendly, the subject insurer is now known as The Exeter and offers insurance policies for individuals of all ages. The award-winning insurer provides everything from health insurance to life and income protection policies, making them an attractive choice.
The Exeter Family Friendly was founded in 1927.

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